Hello, we are Hexhamshire Organics, we are a husband and wife team

In January 2011 we (Bob and Ann) bought a lovely house – built in 1792 – in Hexhamshire, Northumberland. However, with the house of our dreams, we got six acres.  The question was – what do we do with six acres?

The answer came to us very quickly. My lifetime ambition has always been to be a Market Gardener. Here was the perfect opportunity to fulfil that lifetime ambition. The first part of our plan was for my wife Ann to sell her Delicatessen that she had run for 20 years – so that was one full-time member of staff we had.

The next step was to start the process to get organic status through the Soil Association – it was always our aim to be Organic – who would want fruit and vegetables that have been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides! We gained organic status in 2013 and have been organically certified since then.

The second member of staff, myself, became full time when after 37 years in the Technology industry I retired from Accenture in July 2016. We have four fields in total:

  • Two fields where we grow our fruit and vegetables and have our SEVEN polytunnels;
  • One field where we have an eighty tree fruit orchard and our two propagation greenhouses;
  • One field where we keep our Tamworth pedigree pigs.

As well as the pigs we have 44 chickens, four ducks and three colonies of bees. We have a wonderful life, we “live the dream” and our aim is to grow, rear and sell lovely “organic” fruit, vegetables and pork.

The produce we sell here at Hexhamshire Organics is all organic. Being certified by the Soil Association is our ‘badge of honour’. It is proof that how we grow, care for and distribute our produce is totally Organic. We do not use anything which is artificial and our standards of animal welfare has got to be of an extremely high standard. We also take great care of our soil and all the wildlife living within our land. Please feel free to read the Soil Association Standards. They are available online.

We grow our produce with taste in mind.

We harvest our produce as close to our delivery time as possible.

We wash our produce, but it may need cleaning again prior to preparation.

We may leave leaves on for you to use.

We do like to think our produce looks good enough to eat.

We do not grow our produce to a specific size or shape.

We deliver in boxes which we would like to reuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are your fruit and vegetables grown?
    We aim to grow, on our six acre smallholding, the majority of what we sell, however, if we need to buy in additional produce we will always buy in from a certified organic producer. An example of when we buy in additional produce is when a customer asks for produce we cannot grow, eg. Oranges, Kiwi.
  • Is everything you grow/sell organic?
    Yes, we are totally committed to organically grown produce. So 100% of everything we grow and sell is certified organic.
  • Where do you deliver and when?
    We deliver to the Newcastle and Gateshead area, Tynemouth/Whitley Bay and South East Northumberland (eg. Ashington, Pegswood, Morpeth) on a Thursday. We deliver to the Tyne Valley on a Friday.
  • Can I have my fruit and veg boxes delivered to work?
    Yes, this is a popular request and we deliver a number of boxes to people’s place of work.
  • How do I choose which fruit and veg I get?
    The boxes on the website are made up by ourselves and we aim to fill them with seasonal produce. After you receive your first box you will be put onto our mailing list and every Wednesday morning we will email everyone and send them a list of what fruit and vegetables are available that week. People can then chose between a box made up by ourselves or you can create your own box.
  • Is there a discount for my first box? Our aim is to produce top quality produce and then sell our fruit and vegetable boxes at very competitive prices, our prices compare favourably with both regional and national vegetable box deliveries. Therefore we do not offer any price incentives to get people to buy their first box.
  • Do I need to buy a box every week?
    No, there is no weekly commitment to buy a box. Our customers decide when they want to purchase a vegetable box.
  • Is there a minimum order?
    The minimum order price is £9.00.
  • How much does delivery cost?
    There is no delivery charge.
  • What if I am not at home when the delivery is made?
    We will leave the box in a safe place.