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Its all go!

Its all go!

Good Morning One and All,

We had a brilliant day at Jesmond Food Market last Saturday. The weather was perfect with wall to wall blue sky. The company was perfect with many of you lovely customers visiting our stall. We may even have a few more lovely new customers. One thing I did notice….which is brilliant…the number of new mums and dads who are about to start weaning little people with Organic vegetables. The general chat, re Organic vegetables, was that a good diet, to begin with, may ensure a continued good diet. Parents wanted to feed little ones with pure food. As it was ever thus….parents always want the best for their children….the message is obvious and it is getting through….GO ORGANIC for goodness, taste and mother (and father) nature.

Having the beautiful weather, at the end of last week, Bob and I have been able to fill polytunnel 5 (and polytunnel 6 is half filled)…hooray! At long last the tunnels are starting to dry out. We have planted polytunnel 5 and 6 with the remaining broccoli, calabrese, red cabbage and cabbages. Very happy. But loads more to plant out…..arghh! And we may run out of space….arghh!
Another bit of good news….our herbs are now ready to be harvested. We now have Chives, Oregano, Sorrel and Thyme available.

If you remember from last year, our Tamworth pigs were in the Pond Field for a while…pooing everywhere. We have cleared yet more stones, ploughed the ground and planted 75Kg of seed potatoes. They are our ‘first earlies’ known as Casablanca. That has taken up about 25% of the field – we will be working on the other 75% in the next few weeks!

All the pigs, chickens and ducks are doing really well, particularly in this fine weather. They are really enjoying being out and about in the dry conditions. Even though pigs love a mud bath, we think they had had enough! We certainly have….roll on this glorious spring season of new growth and flirty birds and pigs.

You all enjoy this season,