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Apple Juice

Apple Juice

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all well.

We have finished juicing all of our apples for this year. Organic Orchard Apple Juice is available now for our lovely customers. Unfortunately Organic Orchard Pear Juice will not be one of our products this year. One week we checked all of our pear trees and they were looking fab, with one tree particularly laden. The next week we went to harvest and not a single solitary pear was to be seen. Either, someone came and harvested all the pears or those pesky crows came and ate the lot! So, sorry, no pear juice this year.

Bob and I are, as usual, busy. The pigs have taken a chunk of our time this week. We have created another pen as the boy/teenage/lads seem to be liking the girls…..tut tut! They need to be as far away as possible from our teasing girls – they are now in a different field. Doesn’t matter which animal….life must be created….but not at the moment on our land. The pigs we have at the moment are more than enough to handle, thank you.

Autumn is about to bloom. All of the leaves are turning to shades of reds, yellows and oranges. With a blue sky, the days are glorious. I just love being outside on autumn days. Hope you do too.