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Amsterdam Trip

Amsterdam Trip

Hello Everyone, 

Last Monday we had our annual Soil Association review. The purpose of this review is to confirm that everything we do at Hexhamshire Organics is consistent with the standards and rules that define how an organic product must be grown, farmed or made.

Well congratulations Hexhamshire Organics! We passed the Soil Association review with not one issue! Bob and I are delighted with the outcome. The Crew were all thanked and congratulated. We are very happy that the extra conditions which are placed on Organic farming and farmers were all met. All sorted for another year…you can be rest assured that the produce you receive in your boxes are all Organic. 

We have such lovely customers. You are a group of people who are obviously concerned with a healthy lifestyle…eating organically. I am sure the taste is a consideration but the idea that it is organic must help. Having the statistics at hand, via the IT department (Bob), the percentage of customers we have who are attached to the NHS in some way - consultants, nurses, doctors, specialists - is the largest group. Nearly 30% of you work within the medical profession. That says such a lot to me. Thank you for the support from all walks of life. 

Some of you may know that I am away in Amsterdam this weekend, visiting our new granddaughter with her Mama and Papa. I made the trip with our two grandsons and their Mum. I am a happy Grandma having all three grandchildren together. Never fear though, I am still reading and watching how lifestyle in the "Dam" compares to ours. My research began with an article in the flight magazine…all about plants surviving in the natural world, the relationship between the chemicals in the soil and between the little creatures within the soil. Then the difference between recycling in the UK and the Netherlands. I personally think the Dutch win. Recycling is a way of life in the Netherlands…all cans and glass, for instance, are taken back to the shops with vouchers given as a thank you. All roads have recycling areas for you to dispose of all rubbish and paper goods. The units are small containers above the ground which have a section which collects the recycling and rubbish below the ground. It is part of the infrastructure and not millions of separate assorted bins left at the doors.

Bikes are everywhere and everyone cycles. Again the infrastructure, with really wide lanes for both cyclists and cars. Hiring electric cars is a big thing and the hire can be on an hourly basis only if required. One or two cars are occasionally parked along the neighbourhood and a system of hiring these cars is "easy peasy". 

I am now going out to one of the very many parks with the family but I will be back and ready to pack your boxes next week. 

Tot ziens (good bye),