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Annual Soil Association Review

Annual Soil Association Review

Hello Everyone,

For Bob and I it is that time of the year again……and I don’t mean the festive season!

On Monday we have our annual Soil Association Certification Review. This year the review is being carried out remotely. Not Bob’s, but my first ‘Zoom’ meeting. I have ‘FaceTime’d’ the family, but have not ‘Zoomed’ anyone. This should be interesting, as the review tends to take at least eight hours! We have no idea how this will pan out. We do know that Bob has ‘drop boxed’ lots of records (and I don’t mean on the gramophone), so we will see how it all goes. One thing for sure…..I much prefer being in the fields than zooming or dropboxing with anyone. It has been an education and we have everything crossed for a great review.

We ensure we follow all the rules the S.A. certification process requires. We do want to do things correctly as we really value the certificate. It pats us on the back and says “well done, you are doing a grand job”. It provides you with a guarantee that HexOrg is following principles to provide:

Fresh Local Organic Produce.

I did mention the silly season, sorry. However, a few things regarding the upcoming festive time…..and we will be festive!

Firstly: we will be having our Organic Festive Boxes available for delivery during the run up to the Christmas week. I am just giving you the heads up, as next week I will have the contents and ordering process available, when orders will need to be in by etc….so watch and read carefully next week.

Secondly: we have decided that Hexhamshire Organics will not be sending any cards or gifts this year. What we will be doing is donating potatoes, carrots, onions, sprouts and more, on your behalf, to our local Food Bank in Hexham. We will give these organic goodies to the food bank during the beginning of December.

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us on Monday,

Keep Staying Safe,