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Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours

Hello Everyone,

The colours of the autumn season have been glorious. I do understand how people prefer the heat and long days of the summer season, something I enjoyed when younger. However, now this maybe an age thing, the fact that we have seasonal changes is a wonder. The light is different, the temperature alters, the colours are mixed and the growth of flowers, trees and plants is magical. The fact that the animals all instinctively acknowledge the seasonal changes is amazing.

So, going into the darker section of the year should still be a delightful time. We should all use this time wisely……..go for fresh walks, eat comforting food, make soups and meals for the freezer (organic meals obvs!), read that book, jigsaws are now fashionable, watch the birds while doing some gardening (but don’t forget to leave your garden or allotment a little messy to allow the birds to eat those left over seeds), learn to use Zoom! Enjoy whatever you do.

Bob and I are trying to use our time wisely.
1. Next year’s seed order has been submitted. This is always very important, more so this year as seed companies are being inundated with orders from the new ‘lockdown gardeners’. Great news all round. We do the seed order for the whole of the coming new seasons. We usually buy the ones we know have been successful, but we also buy new seeds to add to our growing (ha!) Organic Produce.

2. Our annual Soil Association review is happening on Monday November 23rd. Bob and I are on top of the paperwork. However, we will be ‘dotting the eyes and crossing the tees’ this weekend. This years review will be quite interesting as we are completing this remotely. We have no idea how this will work, so we will have to have everything ready and at hand. Fingers crossed please.

3. The Winter Jobs Schedule has been completed. And Oh My Goodness! We will be more than delighted if the Crew can place ticks on this extensive, tall order. More on this as the season progresses.

The piglets are coming on a treat. They still have not ventured outside of the pig arc. They must be nice and cosy indoors….who can blame them staying indoors where it is warm and dry. Plus milk on tap!

The chickens have stopped laying eggs for the moment. This happens each year, so never panic, they will be back laying in the new year, when the days get longer. They are all still happy wandering the three acres of the Orchard Field.

The ten polytunnels are all full, bar two thirds of polytunnel five. They are filled with overwintering brassicas, leeks and onions. We also have leaves, mustards, lettuces, pakchoi, Chinese cabbages, cauliflowers, cabbages, celery, beetroot and herbs.
The outside growing areas need some attention (all part of the Winter Jobs Schedule) but our outside Organic Produce keeps on giving.

Well, as I said, I have a bit of work to do with Bob…..

Till next week, Still Stay Safe,