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Autumn Season

Autumn Season

Hello Everyone, 

Bob and I hope you are all very well. 

Thank you for returning the boxes and to those who have been asking if we want the boxes back…yes we do as we like to reuse as often as possible.  

Welcome to the season of Autumn with what is going to be a great week of warm and sunny weather. Like you, we are really happy with this extra warmth as we have started to plant out the overwintering crops. The extra warmth and sunlight will ensure that the plants should establish well. 

Not only are we happy with the good weather during this coming week, but it looks as if the weather may hold for next weekend too. Our Open Weekend is next weekend. We will be emailing each of you who have asked to come along. We will be saying yes and we hope you all enjoy the visit. 

The Summer Season ended with the ‘Blue Moon’ which rose at about eight o’clock pm and looked huge and quite orange. I took the above pic at 4.26 am (yep, I generally wake at some point during the night) when the moon lit up the very early morning scene. The pic does not do justice to the size of the moon…it did look huge.

The Autumn Season, like I say, is starting well. Looking back over the last few years, while we have been gardeners, this season has tended to be a pleasant one. However, we are beginning to loose daylight at the rate of two or three minutes at the end of every day. That is thirty minutes of daylight lost between this weekend and next weekend. So, establishing the crops is essential.

As well as planting out and establishing the crops for the Winter harvest, the lovely Lucy will be sowing the oriental plants, salad leaves, rocket and spinach etc to take us through the coming months.

This year has been such a fast year, I cannot believe we are thinking in terms of overwintering and oriental plants. It will not be long before we are planning and buying our new seeds for 2024.

Before all that we have the open weekend, so, maybe see you next week. 

Till then, take care,