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Baby Owls

Baby Owls

Hello Everyone,

We have three baby owls in the tree next to our house, this is a picture of one of them. The mum generally lived quite close by with the dad constantly going backwards and forwards with fresh pickings of food from the area around our farm. The mum soon moved to the next tree as her babies kept calling her for food constantly. When the weather turned colder, so the owls disappeared. We think they have either gone into the nest to keep warm and dry. Or they have totally fledged. It is a huge disappointment they have gone.

Not that you can tell but, we are now in the summer season. Everything we planted out over the recent weeks are blooming marvellous. Now that the weather has taken a dip in temperature, the sides of the polytunnels have all been rolled down! The crops we have in the tunnels all do enjoy and thrive with a bit of heat, but it is now freezing!!! So unlike the spring weather. This is just when the tunnels come into their own as we can control the growing conditions inside the tunnels. The outside growing areas are a different kettle of fish! We have to rely heavily on the seasonal weather conditions being perfect for the development of the crop. So far this year the spring season was very dry and very hot and we were constantly watering, the summer season has been cold and wet and we have just had to keep our fingers crossed the crops still grow.

The herb garden has thoroughly enjoyed the spring season. Generally speaking herbs enjoy and thrive in arid and hot conditions or ‘whatever comes our way’ conditions (mainly mint and chamomile here). The result being amazing herbs so far this year.

Many of you (and I mean many as we can not believe how many bunches of herbs are being asked for….you must be cooking great food!) are taking the herbs. Thank you. Some herbs maybe new to you. We do have mint, thyme, oregano, sage, chives, parsley and coriander. We also have lovage, fennel, chamomile (small daisy like flower), sorrel (long fine leafed herb), garlic chives, red veined sorrel, caraway (White flowered herb) , salad burnet (Red flowered herb). These are the more unusual herb which you will probably never see fresh in shops. All our bunches are freshly picked on your day of delivery. They all smell amazing and can be used to pep up all your cooking. If you are unsure as to the their uses:

Sorrel for fish dishes as the herb has a very lemony flavour

Garlic Chives for all dishes you would use chives in but it does have a garlic taste.

Caraway can be used in your bread baking and is fab for digestive issues.

Salad Burnet has a mild cucumber flavour so great in salads.

Lovage has an intense flavour of celery so great in soups and stocks and potato dishes.

Teas can be made from an assortment of the herbs-mint and chamomile.

Enjoy. Just give them a whirl by making a bouquet garni for an assortment of your dishes. The bouquet includes a large range of the herbs above.