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Being Interviewed!

Being Interviewed!

Hi’Y’All. Farmer Ann👩‍🌾here!

Yep! Just gone all deep South.

Last Monday afternoon, Hexhamshire Organics was interviewed for a podcast by Farmer Jesse. Jesse Frost (known as Farmer Jesse) is a market gardener from Kentucky. His background is in journalism, cooking and now, farming. He is part of the ‘no-till’ community of farmers. No till is the equivalent of no dig, the system we operate here at our farm.

As explained before….we do not dig our soil but place a layer of fresh compost over our soil to create a better environment for our plants to grow in. The group of no-till/no-dig growers is growing. Farmer Jesse interviews farmers from around the world, who contribute to his podcast by discussing the advantages of this system of farming.

It was a really interesting couple of hours. My main thoughts being: 1. How small is this world. 2. Everyone wants to help one another. 3. How prepared other farmers are to learn and teach. The idea of ‘No-Till Growers’ is: firstly to establish a community of like minded, small scale farmers; offer help and information to each farmer; to increase each farms output; to help create much better soils and a greater diversity on each farm.
You will be able to listen to our interview in a few weeks time, we will provide the link to YouTube when we have the information.

Since we are talking about podcasts, here is more technical stuff…..our website has been in operation for a few years now. It has served us well, however, we have out grown it’s capabilities, even with the technical updates! The website has had issues from your side of things, for which we apologise. From our side, it has become, slow, clunky and very time consuming. We want to be able to offer and do soooo much more, so we thought it was time for a change. During the coming weeks our website will be replaced with a more up-to date, friendly system. We are working with the web designers and developers now. It will change, probably in about 3 months time – these things do take time. But it should be much better to navigate for you, our lovely customers.

Now the really important stuff – The Farm. The piglets are now teenagers and have been placed into a pen in the pig field. They are loving the mud and extra space. Kate is back with Royal and they are both very happy for totally different reasons, I might add. Kate is happy the children have left and she can have some peace. Royal for reasons……well….of his own!

The chickens are still in their own isolation due to Avian Bird Flu. However, they are beginning to lay eggs again…..not many but we are getting longer days so more eggs will be with us all soon.

The overwintering veggies are looking much better. There have been times during the freezing days when the leaves looked ready to snap or dissolve. They have bounced back and look ready to bloom.

The fruit cage will be prepped and ready to replant by the end of the week.
The crew (Lucy, Graham and Stu) are working really hard, completing and placing ticks on the ol’shedule as those Americans say.

Till next week, have a good day now,

Farmer Ann👩‍🌾

PS Thank you for placing your orders in early. Please have them in before midday on Tuesday. We will deliver as many boxes as we can but, logistically, we do need to have a cut off for orders.