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Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello Everyone,

Bob and I hope you are all very well.

Many of you are on your ‘happy hols’. Enjoy!

Since last week’s update we have been busy busy busy. After the two days of delivering to you, our lovely customers, Saturday arrived and Bob had a day in the toon. He spent his time in mmm…and glug showing our produce and meeting their lovely customers. mmm…and glug is an emporium which sells lots of interesting delicatessen food and drink. Bob did a meet the producer’ afternoon, showing and selling our produce. He sold out! Go Bob!

I stayed home on the farm and did not do as much as I intended to do outside as we had a downpour of rain which lasted a few hours. It was biblical….a huge amount of water fell, no, not fell, the rain pounded. So, while it pounded I did a bit of much needed house work. When the rain did ease I hand sowed an assortment of lettuce seeds, probably hundreds, in Polytunnel one. I did wait for the rain to ease before going into the tunnel as the noise of the rain on the poly covering was far to loud to work in.

This year our lettuces have been fab. Lots of the leaves have gone into our mesclun mix. The lettuces, shown above, are in a gap in the herb garden. They look perfect and taste yummy….proper lettuce. They have such lovely names….the big darker green is called Matilda. Great name for a lettuce and can I just say….we do not give names to our lettuce, it is the actual variety name of this lettuce. If you want a lettuce this week, just go to the bespoke box and add it to your choices.

On Sunday, Greenhouse one got a summer clean. The next seeding needs to begin, so a clean greenhouse is required. The cleaning done, I have sown the overwintering seeds of Cabbages, Kales, Broccolis, Cauliflowers, Celery, Pak Choi, approximately 1500 seeds! When the Salads and Tomatoes are finished, the Polytunnels will be replaced with these vegetable plants.

As beds in the Polytunnel become available we fill them right back up again with transplants or directly sow seeds. The freed up beds we did have are now sown with a huge array of Leaves and Lettuce, two varieties of Spring Onions and six varieties of Radishes.

The piglets are growing very nicely and even though we say it ourselves, they are the healthiest looking piglets we have had to date. They have a good Mum. The little ones now pinch their Mum’s food and blimey! she does not mind giving them what for if they take too much!

Have a great week,