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Christmas Boxes

Christmas Boxes


As always happens, the festive season just creeps up on you and arrives with the season expecting that you are all organised. I hope you all are. Me?……well, I am usually an eleventh hour sort of person and generally speaking, somehow, I am always ready on the day.
However, when it comes to the day job, I would like to think that I am quite ahead of the game and organised. A definite thank you to you, our lovely customers, for helping me plan the days ahead by placing your orders early.

If you take a look at the website you will see that pork is back! We suggest you order any pork you require asap, as we expect it to be sold quickly. And as they say……once it’s gone it’s gone!

The pre-ordered Christmas Box will have everything you need for your festive meal. You can still order more of our Fresh, Local, Organic goodies from our website for your regular delivery this week and for your Christmas week delivery the following week.
Without sounding like a scratched record……..please can you have your orders in for this week’s deliveries and for the Christmas week as soon as possible. You are able to order for this week as normal and add on your Christmas delivery to the same order, if you do this please add a note in the comments box stating the goodies to be delivered in Christmas week OR just send in two orders; one for this week and one for Christmas week.
Deliveries for Christmas week will be on December 21/22/23.
Please note….the online shop will be closed from Wednesday 16th December. It will then reopen over the weekend of 9/10th January 2021!).

Bob and I constantly say ‘how lucky are we’. We thoroughly enjoy what we do, where we live and the life we have. Not everyone is as lucky. This year we decided not to send Christmas cards or little gifts. Instead a donation of fresh festive food was delivered to the Hexham Food Bank last week. Master Chef Faye works at the food bank and commented that those needing a little help can now eat festive food like most people. I did not appreciate the fact that ‘fresh’ foods tend not to be donated. The food bank does get lots of dried and packet foods so, I am delighted that we have all helped, in a very, very small way, for a festive meal to be eaten by those who may not normally have fresh food provided. Thank you and we will do this again.

All is going well on the farm and an update on progress of the winter schedule will be provided in the new year.

Keep Staying Safe,