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Day at Northumberland County Show

Day at Northumberland County Show

Hi All,

Even though the bank holiday weekend was not tropical, Bob and I hope you all had a lovely time.

We went to the Northumberland County Show with two of our organic Tamworth pigs. They were entered into the ‘gilts under one’ category for Traditional Pigs.

On Sunday evening the girls who were going to the show were given the full beauty treatment. They were shampooed and scrubbed. Their trotters sponged. Their ears cleaned. Then showered and towelled dry. The girls looked beautiful with a bright, Tamworth, orange coat. They were then put to bed in the pig trailer, to be ready for an early start on the Monday morning.

Bob got up at around five to take the trailer with girls to the show ground. It is a really early start as the competitors need to be ready before the public are allowed onto the ground. During this time, waiting around for the doors to open, Bob washed the girls, again!

Taking the two girls, who happen to be sisters, they would be pitted against each other. This meant that Bob and I would also be in competition with each other.

The time came for our category and if I am honest, my girl took me around the pig arena. Bob has had much more experience than me. My experience….none! However, my girl came second and Bob’s girl came third!!!!! One rosette last year and two this year (mine being the higher placed rosette, obviously, but I promise I will not mention that to often) Being at the show is also a great place to meet up with many friends from the pig world. It is always good to chat through issues and we always hear some top tips.

Bob got really into showing pigs and volunteered to show someone’s else’s pig in the show ring as they were one person down, photo above. Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos of the two of us in the show ring as we were both in the show ring at the same time, shame.

So, the weather was definitely not tropical, it was cold, wet and windy. But, the day was a great day for the pigs and for us.

Oink. Oink.