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End of British Summer Time

End of British Summer Time

Hello everyone,             

👻🎃A spooky weekend to you all🎃👻 

Not only a spooky weekend but also the weekend the clocks go back an hour. In the UK this means the end of British Summer Time, but only when it comes to the clock time (GMT Greenwich Mean Time) and not the astrological time.

We have now lost the ability to make use of the daylight hours of summer. From a gardening aspect this slows down the pace of growth in our plants. They may become dormant or may just grow very slowly. This is why we have a cunning plan…it’s all in the planning. For many weeks and sometimes months, we have had crops growing for this autumn/winter season…so never fear, we are here. 

Slight pressure for Bob and I this weekend as we have sooooooo much to do! Our Annual Soil Association Assessment is on Monday. Not fear of the outcome, we are quite relaxed about that as we feel and know we follow the regulations and standards. Just the thought of collating ALL the information together in one readily available, legible and thorough collection. We have a new assessor this year…only the Northern Manager! 

So, we are going to crack on otherwise we will be spooked and have a sleepless night thinking of what we should have done.

Thank you for your continued support. We will be able to tell the Soil Association that we have many, many customers wanting Fresh Local Organic Produce here in the North. 

Take Care,