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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Hello Everyone,

Happy Easter weekend to you all. How many chocolate eggs have you eaten so far?  

First of all a bit of history.....the first chocolate egg was made and sold by Fry’s in 1873 and I am not sure they realised then what a great marketing idea they had created. Till this time hen, duck and goose eggs where the gift of the moment for Easter. Within the Christian community eggs were not allowed to be consumed during the fasting time of Lent. This is why we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday…eggs for your last meal before giving them up and fasting during the period of Lent. When Easter Sunday arrived, eggs were back on the menu! They were often blessed by the church, which shows how precious they were seen to be. The reason being that the egg signified new life, new beginning or Christs resurrection. ‘Pace (Latin for Easter) Eggs’…which were hard boiled and decorated with a colourful dye…were given as gifts on Easter Sunday to celebrate the end of fasting and the beginning of new life. We continue the traditions of hundreds of years. Eggs were and are a treat. Now you understand a little more why, you now may enjoy eating all those eggs! 

Some important news…as of now, our website shop will open on a Sunday and stay open until we have reached our capacity for that week, then the shop will close until the following Sunday. The closed shop will not just be a SOLD OUT sign, which we have placed on the website in the past. You will not be able to place an order, the process will not work, just like a physical shop having the doors locked and you cannot enter to buy those chocolate eggs! This is due to logistics - we now reach our capacity every week and more and more customers were placing orders much earlier than when the website is updated. This meant that you, our lovely customers, were sometimes ordering produce which would not be on the website for the week of delivery. Also customers that were placing orders early were missing out on produce which would be coming available. We hope you understand and thank you for your understanding and continued support. 

Last Thursday, Molly from ITV Tyne Tees News, called and asked if she could interview Bob, see the farm and discuss No-Dig. Obviously, Bob said ‘heck yes!’ He was delighted to be able to pass on his knowledge to a more than captive audience. It should be on the telly at the end of the week (maybe Thursday but this all depends on any developing news). 

We have a new starter on the farm - Esther. Esther will work three days each week, she will help with all duties around the farm, she has completed her first week. Our Crew is now three, a (pun alert) growing Crew.

The Crew are having a few days, well deserved break from the farm. Bob and I are sure they and you all have a wonderful long weekend,

Take care, 

 Ann 🐣

PS during lent and the fasting…just wondering what happened to all those eggs being laid by the hens, ducks and geese??? There will have been hundreds!!!