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Happy New Year

Happy New Year


Bob and I hope you are all safe and well. We are both refreshed after our break from delivering. However, here we go again with another national lockdown. The ‘Stay at Home’ has been issued, so, if we can help by delivering Organic Produce to you, we will be more than willing. We will also be certain to adhere to the simple but important rules of ‘washing our hands, wearing a mask and keeping our distance’. We do know that we deliver to customers who are isolating or who wish the delivery be placed in a certain place. If you wish to add to how and when Bob delivers to you, please state your wishes on your order within the ‘comments’ box.

We have spent the last two weeks completing outstanding jobs, such as end of year admin, cleaning and tidying after a very busy December packing and delivering boxes and putting final, final touches to the sowing and planting schedules. Bob has also updated the Hexhamshire Organics Business Plan and compiled and completed our 2021/22 Operational Plan. Apparently, this is how Bob chills! I am very lucky to have a Bob, who enjoys putting plans and documents together. We both think we have a need to have a plan and be organised. Putting ‘pen to paper’ as it were, helps us both to focus on where we are and where we want to be on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

The main objective for us this year is to extend even further our growing areas and be much more efficient. To help us become a more efficient operation we feel we need a few new projects which we would like to complete during this year……
1. A new storage and cold room facility…..we are growing more for more and more lovely customers. We need a purpose built area to protect and store our produce.
2. A much better packing area…..we have an increasing customer base. A better and bigger packing area will help to ensure efficiency. Number 1 and 2 are both in the planning stage and being discussed with builders.
3. A larger vehicle to handle the increase in boxes to be delivered…..we have ordered an electric van to hold a greater number of boxes at one time, which will reduce the amount of time Bob will spend delivering. Plus it is ELECTRIC! This adds to our ethos of helping the environment.
4. Increasing our growing area to an acre and a quarter. Doesn’t sound much? Believe me…it is!
Alongside all of these major projects we will still be concentrating, big time, on our sowing, planting and growing.
It’s a new year and we can’t wait to get started…..

Please Stay Safe,