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Harvesting and Seeding

Harvesting and Seeding



Another week has passed down on the farm and I just can’t believe how quickly all the weeks are disappearing! But! Can I remember what happened during the weeks? Not necessarily. 

I feel that this week has been one massive ‘harvest and deliver’ week. As most of you know, as well as the box scheme we also supply two restaurants and one shop each week, and on Saturday we were at Jesmond food Market.

The restaurants all choose from what is available that week. They alter their menu accordingly. This is great knowing that they are prepared to only provide fresh, local, organic, seasonal produce for their guests. They choose from the same produce available to you, our lovely box scheme customers. This should mean that we can all prepare and eat Michelin standard quality food! Maybe not. However, they are definitely boxes full of  Fresh Local Organic seasonal vegetables being dropped off at your door.

It is being delivered at some unusual hours to some of you. I apologise if you think it is a strange late hour. We will deliver on the day you expect your goodies (unless we email you). We harvest as close to the time of delivery to ensure complete freshness. Ordering your boxes by Midnight Monday helps us to collate the harvesting schedule. Then the delivery boy (Bob) or girl (me, Ann) can leave the farm ASAP on delivery mornings.

The Crew have been working hard to plant out and secure the next seasons goodies. Seeds sown only two weeks ago are now blooming in the greenhouses, see photo above. These are our winter crops of brassicas and leaves. Seeds are sown now to ensure that the plants will be strong and hardy enough to survive the winter season. The lovely Lucy will continue to sow seeds for overwintering during this coming week. We make use of the continued heat and daylight of the day to establish strong winter crops.

Graham and Chris have been planting out more Cabbages, Cavolonero and Brussel Sprouts for the autumn and festive season. The boys have also been domestic gods. Like all households, sometimes you just need a good tidy up, they are doing a grand job making sure we look good. Personally, I am a stickler for everything  being in its place…a place for everything and everything in its place! 

Scarlett has been banished to the barn these last few weeks. No, she is not in the naughty corner, she is a great girl helping prepare the garlic for the boxes. Essential job but very tedious. The garlic is flying out and we have had a marvellous crop.

So, another week is about to begin. Bob and I are about to have our weekly inspection of the farm. We will make lists, have a chat and think how very lucky we are.

Till next week, take care,


P.S. thanks for all the boxes, from the box scheme, you returned last week…huge help.