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Here's where we have got to

Here's where we have got to

Hello everyone, 

The Orchard Field has been transformed. The new growing area is now more than half full of summer squash, winter squash and onions. The paths are being put in place, and so far we have completed 32 of the 50 beds we have planned. It is all looking pretty good. Before long the new growing area will be full of crops. We will then have a full acre of cultivated land.

Bob and I constantly and I mean constantly, talk about Hexhamshire Organics. The chats usually follow the same pattern…what we are doing that day, what we intend to do tomorrow and what the plan is for next year. This week Bob wanted to sum up where we have come from, a small recap on what we have, let’s say, ‘achieved’. Not surprisingly, but certainly proudly, we have achieved lots. From a six and a half acre site of land not used in decades, to a farm. We feel that the vast majority of the, more productive, creation of our farm has been completed during the later months of our adventure. This is due to experience, knowledge and a Crew.

It has taken many, many years to get to where we are now. We needed to meet the people of this area who had the experience of farming. This does not just include farmers. There is a whole community behind every farmer which includes mechanics, compost makers, engineers, tractor drivers, vets, tree surgeons, shop workers and online helpers. Without their experience we could not have had our own experience. They have the knowledge and they quite happily past on their knowledge to us. As we are prepared to work on the land, this farming community gladly (I cannot say this more strongly), gladly pass on all the experience and knowledge they have. The result being that Bob and I have, with our own skills, learnt how to create and run a farm business.

The Crew are invaluable to us. They come with their own experience and knowledge and Bob and I are more than willing to take full advantage of all the skills they possess.

It has taken six years but our farm now has: organic certification, ten polytunnels, two very large outside growing areas, an orchard, a soft fruit area, a chicken run holding up to fifty chickens, pigs and pig pens, two greenhouses, fridges, freezers, packing station, electric van, website, social media presence, an office, a helpful accountant, two ponds, a barn, tractor, an abundance of tools and equipment, shed, experience, knowledge, contacts, a Crew, two very good restaurants which we supply and a fantastic weekly customer base.

We would like to thank our lovely customers for the great support, messages and understanding. Bob and I would like to think that we are constantly going forward, and we are. However, delivering direct to people's homes is something which has been going for decades. You receive a box of goodies delivered to your door. There is no packaging other than paper or cardboard. This can all be reused or recycled. We are in the process of being totally seasonal. We use local people as much as possible, to provide the services we need. We know all our customers and our ‘front man’, ‘delivery boy’ can talk to them with all sorts of chat. For those of a certain era, you will remember. For those who are mere babes…this is how life used to be. We are tweaking it a little, hopefully for the better: social media to keep everyone updated, electric van to reduce emissions, website and internet to reduce admin.

The only thing we need to help make us much more efficient is Time. Time is short and very precious. We will try to make the best use of the time we have. 

Quickly… please do not forget that we will not be delivering during the Jubilee Celebration bank holiday week. Order more this week if you need to. Remember the Midnight Monday cut off for deliveries. 

All enjoy the coming break. I am looking forward to not packing boxes (can’t lie), but no doubt I will be planting out, tending or whatever Bob has on his list. 

Take good care,