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Information on Pork Deliveries

Information on Pork Deliveries

Hello Everyone,

This week we thought we would provide you with a little extra information re ordering our Organic Pork online.

We ( when I say we I mean Bob) have created a separate box for our Organic Pork within our online shop. We have also added a few extra veg and pork selection packs within the online shop.

See below for additional boxes now available.

We hope this helps, not only with deciding what to buy, but also with what to eat during the coming wintery days. The selection packs will change regularly.

If you do decide to order Organic Pork it is delivered to you as part of the normal box scheme. The Pork is delivered to you frozen. It is placed within a sturdy carry bag which is insulated with sheep’s wool (the best natural product for temperature control) and an added insurance of an ice pack. The pork within this package will remain frozen for a good ten hours (probably more but we will say ten hours). The packaging can all be reused for a future delivery so we would like the packaging returned please.

A question, which has been asked by a number of our new lovely customers, when do we order for……I do apologise…..Christmas?

So a quick mention about Christmas ordering. Christmas Day is on a Tuesday this year. We will be delivering before the Monday. Your delivery day will be decided closer to Christmas as this depends on the number of lovely customers requiring a delivery. We are hoping that the orders for the organic fruit and vegetable boxes are placed by December 15th. However, we would like the orders for any organic pork for over the festive season to be placed by December 10th. Don’t forget….the pork is all frozen so you are well and truly able to plan ahead. We will keep reminding you of these dates.

This time of the year good hearty healthy meals are always a must. We have a few new organic vegetables this week, to help with those meals. We have Pak Choi and Mustard new from this week. These organic veggies have been growing in the polytunnels over the past weeks.

Pak Choi is great for steaming or stir frying and is a fab side served with an oriental pork dish.

Mustard leaves are not normally seen in the veg department of your local shop. They are lovely to look at with a red vein going through a deep green leaf. Mustard is fairly spicy and is great chopped and stirred through a simple soup to give it a kick. Or, stir through some bacon bits to add to some pasta or rice.

Last week we promised you some photos of the major compost spreading exercise, well that exercise is not quite finished so the photos will be next week!

Till next week, take care,