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It's colder up North

Hello Everyone,

Bob and I hope you are all well.

It is October! It gets dark by seven in the evening. The curtains get closed. The fire is put on. We get all cosy, and…….Strictly has started…. Autumn has truly arrived.

It goes without saying that Bob and I watch Countryfile, but we also watch Monty Don on Gardeners World. Both are fab shows for us. However, I would like to explain to Monty, that in the North we must be at least four weeks behind the ‘jobs for the week ahead’ section of the programme!

On a recent edition of Gardeners World, Monty collected his apples and made juice. We are so not at that stage with our apples. Our apples are still on the trees, just! They are not ready to be collected. We do keep checking the apples, however, the pips are still white (not yet brown) and they do not free themselves from the branch when we turn the fruit.

I say ‘just’ on the trees…..the wind earlier in the week was extremely powerful. We did think we would loose our apples, but they are made of strong stuff and they clung on to the branches ‘just’ by the tiny twig. A Maze Zing!!!!