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It's raining....a lot!

It's raining....a lot!

Morning All,

I think we can safely say the weather has been warm but also very wet! Bob and I are often stood in the middle of the Pond Field absolutely dripping wet and we just laugh! I will not repeat what words we say! Thankfully, it is not freezing cold, not until we start walking back to the house and we cannot bend our legs at the knees and the water trickles down our back do we feel squelchy and uncomfortable. Yak!

As you can see above, our organic Raspberry Jam is back on our list of produce. Bob and I harvested on early on Monday morning and I made the first batch late Monday morning. The jam could not be fresher…..from the fruit cane to the jar it took less than three hours. Anything left is always eaten straight away on bread and butter. Apparently it was yummy…so Bob says…I shall take his word for it (yep! I missed out on the tasting session).

Our organic Tomatoes are now beginning to turn the lovely reds, yellows and black cherry colours. I just love it when the tomatoes are on the turn. When we open the poly doors first thing on the morning, we walk up and down and in and out between the bushes of tomatoes and shout out….”yellow submarines are yellow!” or “gardeners delight turning”. I probably say each year that I wish I could bottle the smell of tomatoes on the vine. Our Organic Tomatoes are also on the list of produce.

It does mean that it is the latter part of the summer drawing ever closer, which is always a bit sad as I always think that I missed the summer, where did it go? However, it does mean that my favourite, favourite food ever can be eaten daily….tomatoes with basil drizzled with oil and a little salt and sugar. It is the best.

Bob and I are delighted to be able to congratulate one of our business customers. Six Baltic (Fresh Element being the company name) take our Tamworth pigs and they prepare prosciutto for their restaurant. As you will understand, prosciutto takes at least a year to cure. The first pig we sold to them was, obviously, quite a while ago, the prosciutto they produced was entered into the British Charcuterie Awards being held last week at Blenheim Palace with Country File Live. It is the first time they have been entered into competition. They won Silver! We are delighted as it was one of our pigs. As butchers and chefs keep telling us “your pork is proper pork!”

Have a dry week (joke,)