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Lots of hard work....

Lots of hard work....

Hi all,

We hope you are all very well.

Thankfully, we have had rain. As a result our produce in the Pond Field….. potatoes, courgettes, leeks, kohl Rabi, golden beetroot etc and our strawberries, raspberries and fruit cage fruit all have had a huge watering and are now flourishing. However, so are the weeds. Weeds are a constant battle. But so far, this year, we seem to be on top of many of them. Bob and I often comment on fields which we pass with absolutely no weeds in! How are there no weeds in…..because something has been put into that field to stop the weeds from growing, something which will obviously end in the food chain. As we are organic we put nothing into the field, except hard work.

When I say…we put nothing in the field…we do enrich our soil with our home grown compost. Bob had the lovely job of ‘turning the compost’ this week. Any greenery from the fields, which is waste, we shred. This then goes into the compost bin. Bob has been shredding our greenery and cut down raspberry canes this week. This all went into the bottom of one of the compost bins. The compost which we have been ‘cooking’ was in another compost bin and Bob has shovelled all of this compost onto the new shredded (soon to be) compost. Like I say….hard work…..who needs a gym?!

Polytunnel seven now has all the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers planted and growing. One big job this week has been the tying and nipping out of the tomatoes. Each tomato plant has been tied to a cane. This secures each plant and helps it to grow tall and upright. Any excess growth of the tomato plant is nipped out which means the plant concentrates on the fruit growth and not the leaf growth.

All the polytunnels are constantly being watered and weeded. The green of everything is lush and we are really happy with all our produce. We hope you are enjoying eating our produce.