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Lots to do

Lots to do

Hello Everyone,

Last night and Bob and I came back in the house shortly after 8pm. We hadn’t quite finished and we had to eat. Yet again, another late night. But I had to get my thinking cap on to write to our lovely customers…..I asked Bob for inspiration…..

“……talk about how the neighbours who keep coming to tell us the latest piglets are escaping into the field from the pen. Talk about the weeding and watering we are constantly doing. Talk about the very productive day we have had nipping out the tomatoes. Talk about the tomatoes which are red, yellow, tasty and ready. Talk about the new watering system we have acquired to water from the ground. Talk about the replies we have had back from those people who enjoyed eating the organic pork. Talk about how the Soil Association are coming to assess us in the next two weeks…..”

All of this was discussed in less than five minutes and I could not quite decide on which topic, but I did thank Bob. Then we were distracted… is dusk and nearly dark. The outline of a rather large bird swooped across the window and landed on a perch just outside the bedroom window. Our favourite bird, the owl. We just sat and watched the tawny owl. We did take photos, but the light was just not good enough. We hope that the owl is here to stay. There is nothing better than the sound of owls calling to one another or catching a glimpse of an owl in flight.

The organic pork seems to have been a success. So much so that two more pigs have gone to butcher. The other good news from the butcher is that the bacon and ham will be ready from this weekend. This should mean that from next week we should have the whole selection of our organic pedigree Tamworth pork available on the website. Just go to the ‘create your own’ box.

Morpeth Farmers Market is on this Saturday. Bob will be there, pop along to see our selection of organic vegetables ( oh! and Bob).

Take care,