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Lots Planted Out....Lots More To Do

Lots Planted Out....Lots More To Do

Hello everyone,

As you can see from the above photo, The Crew (counting ourselves as part of The Crew) have been a little busy. The Pond Field is now full of our Organic Goodies. In just a few short weeks this huge bed will be green and lush. At the moment we are protecting the newly planted seedlings from those pesky pigeons. They do enjoy the leaves while small and fresh. As the plants grow they tend to leave the plants alone. So, while they are growing, the covers will remain over the plants. Then all will be revealed and hopefully lots of beautiful looking cauliflowers, cabbages, Romanesque, kales, along with kohlrabi, beetroot, potatoes, peas, garlic, shallots, onions, Jerusalem artichokes, scorzonera and carrots. (Probably forgotten something!)

More compost has arrived for our new outside growing area within the Orchard Field. Thank goodness as we still have much more to plant out…red onions, summer squash and squash, red cabbages and the winter crops of Brussel sprouts, celeriac, leeks and all the brassicas. Soooo much needs to happen before we can even think about planting into the new bed. We need to level, make paths, secure a fence. Sounds easy? Well, not quite as the size is huge…..But we may start with the squashes as they will be more than happy to move into this next stage as they are enormous and definitely ready to be planted out. I am hoping that we can make a start on the beds from one end and plant out gradually. Management decision is required.

The polytunnels have all been made ready for the most anticipated crop of the year…tomatoes! It has always seemed like a rush to plant out the tomatoes, mainly as there are literally hundreds to plant out with a lot of care and attention required. This season I would like to be a little calmer. Bob and I intend to start planting out other summer flowering crops now. The aubergines will be first, followed by the cucumbers. Hopefully, this will ensure that we will plant out the tomatoes with plenty of time being careful, methodical and slowly does it! We will see about the slowly? But it is always exciting knowing they are ‘in’. Then the peppers and chillies will be last me thinks. 

This year we are also trying Organic Tomatillos. They enjoy a warmer environment, coming from Mexico gives you that indication, the tunnels should be perfect. Fingers crossed for this new crop and you can welcome Mexican cuisine into your kitchen.

Bob was interviewed, yet again! The results will be in the Daily Telegraph, but not sure when. He is also talking at Hexham Queens Hall a week on Monday. It is a ‘Business Brunch’ to discuss starting and growing (pardon the pun) a business. Get Bob! Infamous!!

While Bob is being ‘famous’ I will remind him about the planting he has to do, I’ll keep his feet firmly in his wellies.

Thank you for reading and following our growing business.

Take care,