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Lovely Farm Produce

Lovely Farm Produce

Good Morning,

Half way through your week already!

Our ‘organic farm produce’ selection has increased to a choice of five items. So far so good. We really feel good when we see the bottles and jars in your boxes. We hope to increase the choice gradually, as we look for more ways of developing our own organic produce……I am currently working on other juice flavours! Thank you for your continued support. Enjoy!

Thank you, also, for being sooooo helpful ordering your boxes early. Bob and I want to provide you with organic, local and fresh produce. We now have a huge number of lovely customers and collating the harvesting plan and delivery address details is quite time consuming. Having the orders in early ensures we have a ‘plan’. Then we are able to harvest and get the boxes out as quickly as possible. As you all know, this time of the year it gets dark from around four o’clock in the afternoon and soon it will be closer to three pm. We would like to have the boxes out to you ASAP.

It would also be very helpful if all our boxes could be returned.

Enjoy the rest of your week,