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Lovely produce

Lovely produce

Hi All,

Can you believe it….we are half way through the year of 2018! For the first few months of this year Bob and I were complaining about the huge amount of water on the fields. Now we seem to be watering, somewhere on our fields, every day. We have had a very wet winter, a beautiful sunny spring. We wonder what the summer has in store? Probably a perfect season of sun in the daytime and rain at night….we wish….as that would free up so many hours in the summertime. Whatever the season gives us, I will be very happy, as I think we are really lucky to live in a country with seasons.

The crops we are watering are thriving…..sprouting broccoli, broad beans, peas, garlic, shallots, cabbages of all colours, Calabrese, chard, spring onions, leeks, leaves, beetroot, cauliflowers, Romanesque, radishes (photo above), cucumbers, peppers, fennel, potatoes, courgettes, squash, parsnips and carrots.( I have probably missed some other veggies, but I think you get the picture…..we are blooming).

Our herb garden is full and soooo colourful. The smell of the herbs is intense. This garden will only get better, year on year. Especially as the bees are helping…they are buzzing all over the herbs.

The Orchard is now a mass of lush greenness. The blossom has now gone but it has left an enormous amount of fruit. (Bob and I spent a few hours over the weekend checking for small gatherings of little creatures….they were all removed which means that the fruit has been protected. We will do this again over the next weekend).

The chickens and ducks are also enjoying this time of the year. They get up in the morning. They eat and peck all day. Lay an egg. They maybe have the odd dust bath, if you are a chicken, a swim if you are a duck. Then they go to bed, sleep and do it all again the next day…..happy days.

The pigs and piglets are happy in mud…..literally. The all have an area within their pens which is literally a mud bath….I am sure they think they are on a ‘health farm’!

Speaking of the pigs- our pigs will be coming to market soon. We will be selling organic pork. We will be explaining the process, by which you will be able to enjoy our meat, over the coming weeks.

All have a great week and enjoy this wonderful season.