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New Polytunnels

New Polytunnels

Morning Everyone,

As of last night, we now have seven polytunnels…..the four we originally had plus the three new larger ones.

The boys who erected the tunnels left late yesterday afternoon. It was dark, however Bob and I could not resist taking the ‘big light’ with us to walk up and down, inside one of the new tunnels. We discussed how the paths outside and around the tunnels will look…obviously to complement the paths already in place. More importantly, we talked about the planting schedule; how we will be able to use the space to sow and plant more produce; how we can “under sow” as we will be in more control of each tunnel; the watering system….I think you get the picture….we are excited. Our Green Field is complete (once we lay the paths around the new tunnels).

Re the ‘planting schedule’….I have been back in my ‘office’ – the greenhouses. Before the end of last year, cauliflower and lettuce seeds were sown. They are growing slowly but very nicely. Now it is February, the big sow begins. Hundreds of leeks, all the tomato, broccoli, calabrese, and giant parsley seeds have been sown. I will be continually sowing seeds over the next month. Both greenhouses will be full shortly. The site of every shelf being full of trays full of tiny sprouting vegetables makes Bob and I very happy.

As ever, busy days ahead. So till next week, have a good one.