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Hi All,

An issue Bob and I constantly think about, and we know you are all concerned about is…..PACKAGING, particularly the use of plastic packaging.

Delivering organic fresh fruit and vegetables to your door we try to use as little packaging as possible. The boxes are a given. The paper bags are only used if we think it is really necessary, for instance…..when the produce is fragile or when it has soil on it. For as long as we can remember, we only use paper and cardboard as packaging. We re-use the boxes (thank you for returning all the boxes so we can re-use). Any damaged beyond re-use can go into the compost or be recycled.

However, certain produce can be a challenge particularly during the Summer months to ensure it is fresh when we get it to you, for example salad leaves, chard etc. So we have been researching on line and with various suppliers to see what is available that ensures freshness but is also eco friendly.

We have been looking for a clear, compostable bag. And it is so difficult to find. We have found one company which is able to provide the perfect bag…..but it is in Israel and you have to buy millions of their bags!!!!

We do want a bag to help keep our leafy vegetables fresher for longer and at the same time be compostable. The good news is that we have found a bag which is compostable (main criteria) but is not totally clear….you may see it in your box shortly.

With regards to the packaging we use for our organic pork…..the meat packaging itself is, as yet, not totally recyclable and we apologise for this but the packaging people are working on this issue. However, the carrier bags and wool inners are all degradable. But we do know that we can re-use this packaging for a very long time….so a huge thank you for returning our meat freezer bags.

We may only be a tiny element in the huge plastics and packaging issue, however, we are trying to re-use and re-cycle as far as possible. We will continue watching all the ever changing information and update our packaging as the research develops.

Take care,