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Piglets Have Arrived

Piglets Have Arrived

Oink! Oink!

Well Bob was soooo right. He guessed the beginning of November for Kate to give birth and on Tuesday 3rd of November, early morning, the piglets arrived. To be honest we were both taken by surprise as, even Bob thought they came quite early. The above photo is a little blurred, sorry, but we do not disturb the new offspring for a few days. The mum is very caring and protective (except when mum is having her food, nothing can stop her meal time!) and we do not interfere with them during the first few days. This photo shows them literally only hours old.

All seven piglets seem to be thriving. Kate still wants and enjoys her usual attention from Bob and I. She loves a good scratch on her forehead. They will stay in their own home, by the barn, for a number of weeks. That will be until they start being far to adventurous and want to escape this pen and when mum gets really, really ready for a break from annoying piglets. ‘Till then they are just so cute and very watchable.

This week we made the local press. We did know that a young journalist had, had a chat with Bob a while ago. What we didn’t know was what was to be written and when it was going to be in the Hexham Courant. We are delighted with the coverage, even if the whole adventure of Hexhamshire Organics was not added to the edit.

Last week was an extremely busy week, yet again. We did have to take down the shop on the website. This week we are going to try and deliver even more boxes by increasing the number of orders we will accept. Bob and I will walk around the farm on the Saturday morning and consider all the Organic Produce we will be able to provide during the following week. The box scheme schedule is then as follows:
1. Send out the email which contains events which happened, during the week, on the farm and the new list of organic produce which is available on the shop.
2. Print off all the orders we receive.
3. Collate the three days of orders into harvesting lists, delivery areas and route maps.
4. Harvest the produce we require.
5. Pack boxes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
6. Deliver boxes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
Writing this down seems easy, however it is very time consuming. So, the earlier your orders are in the quicker we can get to the harvesting then packing stage and consequently, the earlier Bob can start on the delivery route.

We really appreciate all you lovely customers ordering quickly, soon after the email has been received by you. It is wonderful as to how many of you are ‘quick off the mark’.


The earlier you order, the more HexOrg boxes and bags of FRESH LOCAL ORGANIC produce we can pack and deliver.

We hope ‘lock down part two’ is much easier for you all.
We want you all to take care and Stay Safe.