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Polytunnels Looking Full

Polytunnels Looking Full

Hello Everyone,

Well, the first week of July has seemed like the first week of September! After the beautiful Spring we had, Summer has just not happened yet! The silver lining is that we have not had to water outside plus we have tunnels so the work can go on (and on and on….). Bob and I have spent some of our time this weekend planting out the French beans in polytunnel nine. It is such a good feeling having a new tunnel prepared and filled with new crops. We still have polytunnel eight to prepare and hopefully, that will be full of new beds and paths in the next two weeks. Ready for another crop of organic goodies.

The new polytunnels maybe our favourites at the moment, but we are not forgetting the other tunnels. They are still being attended to and we have also spent a lot of our time in these tunnels. They are full and bushy with more beans, chard, celery, courgette, beetroot, assorted leaves, lettuce, shallots, potatoes, carrots herbs and tomatoes (our cucumbers, aubergines, peppers and chillis are in new tunnels).

Above you can see polytunnel six looking pretty lush. Out of picture and to the right are leaves. But the rest of the tunnel is full of tomatoes. We have another full tunnel of tomatoes and more in polytunnel ten. We have eight varieties of organic tomatoes All of different shapes, sizes and colours. We have huge red ones, long thin red ones, yellow, orange and red round ones and small red ones and chocolate coloured ones. We enjoy growing tomatoes and we hope you will enjoy eating them. We spend quite some time caring for this vegetable (or is it a fruit?). They need to be wrapped around string. We have to remove unwanted side shoots regularly. We feed them weekly. Water them a few times each week. When the trusses begin to appear we remove the lower leaves. So, as you can see, constant attention, but well worth it as they taste sooooo good.

The lovely customers who enjoy the taste of our pork will be happy. We have pork back on the website. Yes, including sausages. Hopefully, the bbq can come out and the ribs, sausages and pork skewers along side the salads and vegetable kebabs will make a welcome return soon. All we need is the Summer sun.

Thank you for your continued support. We are delighted that you are placing your orders early. This helps us enormously.

Take care and still Stay Safe,