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Seeding and Planting

Seeding and Planting

This has been a very busy week, Bob and I have not stopped and we are still going!!!

We have had a great week and have really enjoyed completing lots of our duties:

Seeding – of kohl rabi, golden beetroot, radish, herbs, parsnips – tick.
Potted on 200 tomato plants – tick

Planting – all of 90 courgettes out into the Pond Field – tick
Weeding – of the pre-planting area, herb garden, polytunnels and strawberries- tick.

Watering – everywhere! – tick.

Cleaning – both greenhouses are clean and tidy, inside and outside- tick.

Training – Bob is trying to train our pedigree Tamworth boar, named Royal, to walk beside him (much more on that towards the end of the month) – tick.

Strimming – all the areas around the house, fields, ponds and track – tick.

Garden – hooray! I even managed to garden – tick.

Animals – at least twice a day visit for food and especially, water in this heat – tick.

Been a great busy week with glorious weather…hope you all made the most of your time this week.