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Soil Association Annual Review

Hello Everyone,

Since the last email we have had snow, rain, a long Easter weekend and an annual assessment from the Soil Association. Bob and I are happy to report that the assessment went very well and our organic status has been renewed.

When Bob and I decided to try our hand at growing some veg……we had no idea that it would lead us to more than a few veg…..we now have soft fruit and herbs, a hundred tree fruit orchard, chickens, ducks, eggs, pigs and ponds!!!!! As our retirement plan (Ha!) evolved and we decided that we would use organic methods, the Soil Association became extremely helpful. To begin with, the ‘standards’ seemed daunting, but the Soil Association are always at the end of the phone or an email. Following the ‘standards’ should reassure everyone that being ‘organic’ ensures that ALL animals are cared for, all plants are grown simply and without chemicals and that the amount of rubbish which will be created is minimal or re-used.

The weather recently has been dreadful! The amount of water we have on our land is the worst we have ever seen and our local farmers say the same. It is not making life ‘easy’ for us at the moment. Caring for the pigs….we are trudging thru mud! Caring for the chickens….we are trudging thru mud! Caring for the ducks….they are happy but we are…trudging thru mud! Bob and I would really like some dry weather with maybe a little warmth. Then we can plant out the brassicas and stop trudging thru mud!

Morpeth Farmers Market is being held this Saturday and bob will be there…..pop along and say hi.

Fingers crossed for dry weather,