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Soil Association Visit

Soil Association Visit

Hello Everyone,

Yet another busy week for Hexhamshire Organics. Bob and I have been doing our usual duties. Plus…..emptying, weeding and filling with muck polytunnel five, six and seven. Planting out onion sets, fennel and brassicas. Weeding and tidying the herb garden. Taking another pig to market. Paper work. Planning and ordering some seeds and plants. Lastly, having a visit from Paul, “our man” from the Soil Associations.

Paul is part of the Soil Association’s Producer Support Team. This team are very small, however, they are the “experts” within the Soil Association. The team has to cover the entire country and Paul can be travelling anywhere to visit a farm to pass on his extensive knowledge and experience – but the good news from our point of view is that he only lives a few miles from us! So we keep in close contact and every visit from Paul always brings with it something new for us.

The help we gain from the Soil Association is fantastic. However, the advice we are getting from the Paul is priceless. The advice can be quite scientific, with help explaining and giving guidance regarding our soil analysis. It can also be practical with fab suggestions as to how to design the ground works to fall in with our crop rotation plans.

This weekend we are at Jesmond Food Market on Armstrong Bridge, if you are in the area it would be great to see you.

Just a little reminder…..any pork required for Christmas needs to be ordered by December 10th…..thank you.

The recipe below is from Vivienne one of our customers.

All have a great week,