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Strictly a new season

Strictly a new season

Hello Everyone,

Well! All of a sudden it is Autumn with very wet weather, wind and dark nights! What happened? The summer has just disappeared. What do we have to look forward to? A ‘contemporary’ night in with the fire on? Warming soups? Brisk walks watching the leaves turn golden and ‘jazzy’? A fresh crop of vegetables? definitely Strictly? Yes, all of the above.

Our organic tomatoes are ‘waltzing’ into autumn. They are proving to be extremely popular, especially at Jesmond Food Market last Saturday. They taste ‘gorgeous’, look very attractive in a salad, great to cook with and make fab chutney and ‘salsa’.

Our organic cabbages, both red and green, are also a success this year. As some people have mentioned, the red cabbages are like a ‘picture’ (movie week) perfect cabbage. These cabbages are also great for coleslaw, pickles and a ‘quick-step’ into your roast pork Sunday dinner.

Our organic beetroot have been ‘fab-u-lous’ all year. It has been a vegetable which just keeps on giving. Roasted with feta is a favourite down our ‘street’.

Our organic leaves, including – lettuce, mesclun, rocket, spinach, mustards and orientals – have been ‘a-maze-zing’. You lovely ‘audience’ are enjoying them with lots of kind comments.

Our organic peppers, chillis and Hungarian Wax peppers are on the ‘turn’. From green to yellow to red. They are becoming hotter and hotter, just like the ‘cha cha cha’.

Our organic cavolo nero and celeriac are on the website this week. Keep dancing! Oops! I mean keep looking!

You now all know what we do each Saturday and that is ‘strictly’ between you and I.