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Summer Time

Summer Time

Hello Everyone,

The school summer holidays are here….hooray for the children.

The school year and term times still seem to play a part in my life. I still use the school calendar to keep up to date with family members who are teachers or actually at school. The seasons, with the help of its weather, also help decide what I do. But mostly, the seasons help decide what Bob and I will sow/plant.

This season, the summer season, school is out. But also the flowers are out, fruit is out, the veggies are all out. The polytunnels have been brilliant. We have been able to sow or plant out , then harvest and take out our produce. Then quickly plant out even more produce!

We also have crops outside, one of these crops happens to be potatoes. I will be honest and have to say we are slightly disappointed with this year’s potato crop. They do taste good, but the lack of rain has reduced the amount we are harvesting. Unfortunately, the lack of water will affect lots of the fruit and vegetables in the coming months. However, on a more positive note our turnips have done really well this year. The turnip is a very underrated vegetable, we have been having it with most of our meals this week and they taste amazing.

The big news of the week is that our organic pork is now for sale. The choice of many different cuts of pork can be found on the website. Just look at the ‘create your own box’ at the ‘shop’.

To answer a few questions I would ask……the bacon and ham is curing as we speak and will be on the list in the next few weeks. Sausage will be for sale very soon – keep on checking the website.

If you are on your summer holidays…..have fun!

Take care,