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Surviving Storm Arwen.....and boxes for Christmas now available

Surviving Storm Arwen.....and boxes for Christmas now available

Hello everyone, 

Never mind ‘winter is coming’, ‘winter has arrived’!

Bob and I hope you have survived Storm Arwen without a hiccup.

All is, more or less, well on the farm. The chicken houses were battered and half upended but the chickens are all fine. The pigs are heavy enough to retain the pig arcs. They do not like extreme weather so will be staying put! The ducks are on the pond island, keeping safe. The polytunnels and field tunnels are all still in situ. The house is fine bar water coming thru’ the doors.

The electric power did go off at around eight pm Friday (and is still off 36 hours later as I write this update). However, thankfully, we have our own generator so, we have lights, we are warm and dry, we will never starve and the freezer full of Pork has had no power outage! Our generator provided power for us during Storm Ciara in February 2020 and has come to our rescue again for Storm Arwen. How lucky are we?…very (and we tell each other, constantly, how lucky we are).

As it is wintery, you can now order your ‘Christmas Box’ from the website. All the information you need for your Fresh Local Organic Festive Goodies is on the website. 


  1. Go to ‘ buy an organic veg box’ and press.
  2. Scroll down to the Christmas Veg Box.
  3. Place your order before Midnight Monday December 13th.
  4. We will deliver to you 20th - 23rd December (depending on your area)

To answer a few obvious questions…

  1. Yes, the delivery days have been brought forward. As we do not know who and where the orders are going to, we cannot be more precise at this moment as to your delivery day. I guarantee you will all receive your delivery a day or so earlier. We will not be delivering on Christmas Eve, so you will all have your box by Thursday of that week.
  2. Yes, you will be able to add to your order. Our website will be open with any extras you may need. However, as Christmas week approaches we will be concentrating on the pork and bacon and only a limited range of fruit and vegetables, generally festive foods.
  3. Yes, we will have a Midnight Monday for the Christmas Boxes - 13th December. You will not be able to add to your order or place any orders after Midnight Monday 20th December. Order early as we are expecting high demand.
  4. Yes, we are expecting high demand (we have customers who have already emailed and booked boxes already!!) so may I suggest that you order as early as possible. We will be taking the shop from the website if and when we reach our full capacity.
  5. Yes, our organically certified pork is delish, or so lots of you keep saying. Our chipolata sausages (including gluten free chipolatas) and streaky bacon were not previously on the website…they are on now, alongside any gammons, joints, back bacon etc., you may need.
  6. Yes, Bob, myself and the Crew want you to have a Delicious December. 
  7. The lucky for us number 7. Yes, we will be taking a few weeks break after the Christmas deliveries. But that is a whole New Year (2022!!!!!!!) and you will hear from us on our return.

Hopefully your questions have been answered but do not hesitate to ask for any other information you may require.  

Off to check on the chickens,

Stay warm,

 Ann 🤶