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Tamworth Pigs - Confirmed Pregnancy

Tamworth Pigs - Confirmed Pregnancy

Hello Everyone,

We hope you are well.

Bob and I have great news……last week the vet came to visit. The vet was a lovely, young lady and, as you would imagine, she was dressed in wellies and waterproofs. However, she also wore a very technical pair of glasses, all perfect attire to enter the soggy, muddy pig field. Bob and I watched the vet carry out a pregnancy test on our two, larger Tamworth pigs. Using a portable scanner on the pigs tummy, the vet saw piglets through the glasses!!! How very futuristic. Unfortunately, the vet still got very muddy, no self cleaning wellies and waterproofs available…..yet!

We have no idea how many piglets will be born. Reading all the ‘sow in pig’ information available, any number, between two and seventeen babies, could be produced!!! We intend to bring the two mums into the barn. Bob is now redesigning the barn – two maternity wards.

According to the ‘sow in pig’ information, the gestation period for pigs is three months, three weeks and three days. Our records show that the mums should produce on the twenty-first of November.

We WILL be keeping you all up to date….how exciting.

All have a good week,