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The Big Smoke

Hello all,

Bob and I have been to the Big Smoke!

Yesterday, we went to London for the day. The Soil Association organised an afternoon conference. The subject of the conference was how organic produce is performing in today’s market. A mix of producers and suppliers of organic produce discussed how the last year has been for them and how they see next year.

Bob and I came away from the conference with a little more knowledge (and two name badges!). In terms of knowledge… is introducing new systems to prove that the food we say is organic, is organic, by showing traceability and certification of each individual item on line (huge wow to the IT industry)…….we also learnt that the main, large supermarkets are increasing their choice of organic products as they find that customers want to buy local, healthy, seasonal and organic fresh produce…….the main buyers of these products are the twenty five to forty five age group! That must be you!

The main thing Bob and I gained from the afternoon was seeing other Soil Association members. We have to say, not many from the North. One other company from the North, who we spoke to, supplies organic milk and milk products. We may consider supplying milk and cream. We would like to know your thoughts re having milk and cream delivered to you, by us…..please tell us your thoughts while we consider this move towards adding these to our ‘list’.

A lovely trip away, but back to it now,