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The interesting jobs we do!

The interesting jobs we do!


Working on the farm we often do the same thing each day. But we can also say that every day is different. The chickens and pigs are cared for every single day of the year. They are fed, watered, checked over and chatted to daily. When required, they are cleaned out and moved around. This is all a given. 

The tunnels are opened and checked over. Crops are sown, planted out and harvested constantly. Similar happens to the outside areas. They are all tended to, daily. All obvious tasks.

The box scheme is all about the planning and collating. The website is updated every Sunday (top tip - wait till Sunday till the shop has been updated then place your order on the Sunday and before Monday midnight). Orders are received everyday of the week and lots of logistical organising is carried out each week.

General tidying takes place every day and every week depending on the work area. The packing area, for instance, is cleaned often thru the packing process.

Like I say, all these situations are a given. There are days when we deal with other necessary but sometimes out of the ordinary, tasks. One is about to take place this coming Monday afternoon…

…three of our pigs are going to market (hooray…sausages and belly pork will be back next week!) The activity of getting the correct pigs into the trailer can be seen as humorous or a drama, depending on the moment. We decide on which ones by weight and this involves a tape measure…yes, that’s right, a tape measure. It is a special measure with a calculation to give the approximate weight of the pig. Unfortunately, this is not a tailors outfitters with the client standing upright and still! It mainly involves Bob running around a pig, cursing them to stay still. The blue bucket full of pellets generally helps. Thankfully, the tape measure is just a guide. The drama continues with getting the right pigs onto the trailer. There are two options here - the right pigs are helpful and walk straight into the trailer…job done in no time. Or the wrong pigs go on, some end up going for a meander down the lane or generally avoid and refuse our request for walking the two meters into the trailer…pigs are full of pellets due to overuse of the blue bucket…job done in hours! HeHo! Fun Times!

Our pigs tend to be with us for a year. We take good care of them. They have lived in an open area where they are free to roam and munch through the growth. They live together in a same sex large pen but as a group. They have been fed on organic pellets and the greens which we discard. We do socialise with the pigs and they have enjoyed the many walkers and visitors who pass the field and watch their antics. 

If you do enjoy eating meat then pork will be back on the website from next Sunday. 

We will be reminding you over the coming three weeks that the week commencing 

13th September we will NOT be delivering boxes of our Fresh Local Organic goodies. 

We will have no staff that week and Bob and I need to refresh the business and ourselves.

 Wish us good luck for Monday,

Take care,