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Over Wintering Planting Out

Over Wintering Planting Out

Hello Everyone, 

Bob and I hope you are all very well and ready for the Autumn Season. This year, in particular, seems to be disappearing very quickly. The last week also disappeared quickly. As ever, we thought that taking the week off, from delivering boxes of organic goodies, would give us plenty of extra time to plant out all our overwintering vegetables. We had a really good try at getting everything planted out, made great progress, got loads planted out but we still have a little bit more to do....

Between the Crew and ourselves we prepared the beds, then planted out into the beds and protected the crops of the cauliflowers, kales, cavolonero, fennel, chard and beetroot. More seeds have been sown of the orientals, rocket, spinach, kohlrabi, chinese cabbages and lettuces. Four more beds of onions have been harvested and stored (only two more of the golden onions to harvest but many more of the red onions). These beds are in the process of being prepped and then more brassicas will go into these beds.

This is alongside the tending of the crops still being harvested for the boxes to be delivered this week.

Don’t forget you can visit the farm to see the organic vegetables in situ. This is part of ‘Organic September’, where the ideas of the Organic Movement are promoted. The Soil Association, who certify Hexhamshire Organics, are fine advocates of all things Organic. They would like everyone to take care of the natural world and to care for our soils. The healthier the soil, the better the crops. The more nature we have in the world, then there is no need for any harmful chemicals. We need to care for all the creatures around us, the result being better crops…better food.

Here on the farm, we have adopted the ‘No Dig’ method of growing. This way of, not digging the ground, is becoming more and more popular. Instead of digging the ground over and over again, we add a layer of compost to the ground before we plant out. This is not every time a new crop is to be planted out, but regularly. We are ‘building’ our soil. We are creating organic, healthy and nutrient rich soils for the vegetables to grow in.

We are farming in a more traditional way…pre-war ways, pre-chemical ways. The way we farm is physically hard work but mentally satisfying. There is science behind the methods we use, which is really interesting, however, it is not all rocket science, more common sense gardening.

So, to see our farm, where your organic vegetables grow, come and visit on the 17th of September. Either at the 10-1 slot or the 2-5 slot. You have to email us at to say who is attending and which slot you are coming to. We have had a number of you booking already (we will get back to those who have sent emails in the next day or so - we just haven't had the time to focus on emails this week - sorry), for those still wanting to come please be quick as once we have our compliment of visitors we will have to close the invite. Sorry, but we do have to consider your safety…we are a working farm and we do have limited parking. 

The website shop is ready for this week's orders. We do have some new Fresh Local Organic Produce for you. The Padron Peppers we have, some are now turning black…they are hot! Tomatillos are on the site for you to make salsas and Mexican delights. This is the first time we have grown them. What we didn’t realise is that the plant becomes a jungle! It is taking over the tunnel! We have a number of varieties of Chicory and we are preparing mixed bags of Chicory leaves. The Crystal Lemon Cucumbers are a juicy addition. Great sliced in drinks or just eaten like an apple as well as in your salads. 

Hope to hear from you soon with your orders of goodies and emails from those wishing to attend our open day.

Now back to the planting, take care,