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Hello Everyone,

 Well what a busy week of visitors we have had this week. 

On Wednesday we had the talented chefs from the 21 restaurant group. This is a relatively new addition to our restaurant listings and the first time most of them had been to the farm. It was interesting to meet these youngsters (generally young, certainly young to me) who were looking for inspiration. The chatter was all about the flavour and the specialty which they have had and what they will be trying in the future. As with our two other chefs we work with, it will be all about the relationship we create. It is great to know that local restaurants want to use Fresh Local Organic Produce and promote that fact. 

Yesterday we had our first visit from a group of you, our lovely customers…and what a great day to show off our farm. The weather was boiling and sunny making the farm look lush, as you can see in the herb garden above. From my point it was great to meet people who, as I said, I know where they live but not what they look like! 

Bob gave a great talk and we did answer lots and lots of questions. Everyone had a wander and a look at the beds and polytunnels. Today, we will go again and I will meet even more faces with addresses I know. 

It is part of our ethos, that we build relationships with our customers. We feel that we have and the open weekend adds to the building of relationships. We also have this open weekend because it is Organic September. This is when The Soil Association  promotes the Organic Movement. This month is ideal as we do have full beds and also can show the transition from the summer season to the autumn season.

Thank you for coming and looking forward to see you soon. 

On Thursday, as you all know, Bob delivers the boxes to the Newcastle/Coast/South East Northumberland areas. We received a fantastic note from one customer who itemised her menu for last week. They had a seasonal veg box delivered and with the contents made the following delicious meals:

Courgette Curry


Greek Salad 

Roasted Cauliflower 

Courgette Gratin with Lemon Sole

Bean Casserole 

Spanish Omelette 

Lots of Veg to accompany Pork

How good and inventive. Tasty, organic meals for the week from one box! Plus, delivered to your door. What will you be conjuring up from your box? 

All have a good week ahead,