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We are back...Happy New Year

We are back...Happy New Year

A very Happy New Year to you all

It seems such a long time since the festive season, however, it is only two weeks since we were between Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020. Seems ages ago. Bob and I hope you enjoyed that time and now looking forward to the new decade full of ideas and adventures.

We have spent our time planning and preparing for the new seasons and doing lots of jobs which can only be achieved between the seasons. For instance, the greenhouses are totally empty, they have been jet washed, inside and outside. The polytunnels have also been thoroughly cleaned inside and outside. The result is more light is able to penetrate the clean glass and polythene. As we have less light during the winter months, this is such an advantage to the new seeds we will be sowing and to the overwintering vegetables growing.

We have also been stood in front of our white board just looking at the crop plan. As Bob always says “check, check and check again”. The crop plan has been checked (without doubt many more times than three!) and has been tweaked regularly. Once the crop plan is perfect, the seeding and planting plan should flow naturally. Plus the harvesting dates can clearly be seen. It is all in the planning.

The dreaded admin. has also been tackled! This is probably our least favourite task, but we have even been doing some of this. One such thing being the website. The shop has been ‘down’ over the last few weeks. It is now, obviously, back up. You will find some changes, so please take a look. One major change being the ‘repeat order’ boxes you will now be able to order. As of now, you will be able to place an order for a box and have it delivered for the following four weeks. Many of you, our lovely customers, have requested this option so we hope you find this useful.

We also had some down time…..even watched some ‘daytime TV’. Speaking of TV…..some of you may remember being told that Hexhamshire Organics were filmed for a Channel 4 programme. It is called ‘Meat the Family’ and we maybe on it!!! Slightly nervous as to which bits will be aired. If nothing else it was a really interesting afternoon and evening having the production company on the farm and the family who came were lovely. The episode we think we are on is this coming Wednesday night……..arghhhhhh! We had no input to the editing process so very much nail biting time.

Looking forward to seeing many of you while we are delivering or maybe on Saturday at Jesmond Food Market.
Take care,