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We have gone Electric!

We have gone Electric!

We have gone Electric!

Hello Everyone,

Bob and I hope you are all very well.

As you can see from the photo above, we have a new veg box delivery vehicle. As part of our efficiency plan and as the number of boxes we are delivering each week increases, the next step on the plan has begun.

The van we have is the Vauxhall Vivaro e. It is the International Van of the Year for 2021!

It is big. It is white. It is an automatic. It is quiet. It drives brilliantly. It is Electric! That sums up my technical knowledge of the van, sorry. What I do know is that going electric is the best way forward. It is cleaner for the environment and more efficient for us at the farm…. we will be able to load many more boxes at one time, hence the reasons for getting the van. The result being one less day for deliveries….one less car on the road on a Wednesday.

So……very important information….we will not be delivering on a Wednesday.
All customers who have been receiving a box on a Wednesday will now have a Thursday delivery.

This is our plan and we ask you to please be understanding during the first few weeks of this transition from three days of delivering to two days. We will do our utmost to complete the route, but it may take a little practice until we successfully plan the route.

Having one less day delivering the boxes will enable Bob to tend the land an extra day each week. My goodness, we do need that extra day….we would really like a ten day week at the moment….there is such a lot to plant out! The Crew are doing a dam fine job planting out and sowing seeds but Bob and I would both like to do more of this too.

When I said the ‘next step has begun’ that is because the van plan is not yet complete. We will be having the inside of the van kitted out with shelving, this should be completed this week. The outside, in a few week’s time, will have a very distinctive look….let’s just wait and see if you notice it….I am saying nothing more!

So we have a great Crew. The Polytunnels and Pond Field are ready for more planting. The crops are growing according to the sowing and planting schedule – for example all 450 tomato plants have been planted out! We have a shed full of tools. The customer base is growing. Now we have a van. There is just a little more to do and the ‘efficiency plan’ will be complete. It may need tweaking just as we do the crop and seeding plan. But, Bob and I feel that the plan is getting there, no more projects and so, we have ourselves a farm.

Thank you for popping across to see Bob at Jesmond Food Market.

Thank you for placing your orders to us by midday Tuesday.

Take care and Still Stay Safe,