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Wedding hat and Piglets

Wedding hat and Piglets

Hello Everyone,

Your email is a day earlier this week as you will be receiving your box a day earlier than usual. Deliveries this week will be on Wednesday and Thursday rather than on Thursday and Friday. This is only for one week, because…….

Our daughter is getting married on Saturday!!! Got a bit to do, like buy a hat!!! That is no joke, I do have to buy a hat! We are looking forward to some lovely celebrations. However, the wedding is not too far away so Bob will still be able to pop back and check on the pigs, piglets, ducks, chickens and fields.

Yes, I said piglets. Our ten new piglets are all doing fine. We have a very good mother.

The Brussel Sprouts are now all transplanted into the Pond Field. A big job as we had over 400 to plant. We have the first of this season’s aubergine popping thru’ and the peppers and chillis all have pretty little flowers on them. The tomatoes are all fruiting with many green tomatoes growing. My favourite growing time of the year.

We are now thinking of the winter season and what vegetables we will have to sow to overwinter.

It never stops…..but I am going to stop writing now as I have other seeds to sow, oh and think about hats.

Take care,