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We grow two different colours of basil: Green and Purple. It’s a tender plant and we therefore grow it in the polytunnel. It is an annual plant, so we must directly sow a new crop each year. As well as having such an aromatic smell, it’s a wonderful addition to so many different dishes and pairs perfectly with our tomatoes.


Historically chamomile was grown for its medicinal benefits, but is now popular to make tea with. It produces an abundance of lovely smelling flowers.


The chive is a very popular herb as it can be used as an ingredient for many different dishes. Chives also produce lovely purple edible flowers.


Coriander leaves have a magnificent smell and will elevate the taste of so many different types of dishes. It self-seeds in the autumn to produce a new crop each year. 


Dill has a distinctive aniseed type flavour - it’s a common ingredient in East European dishes. As well as being used fresh it can also be dried.

Fennel Herb

Closely related to Florence fennel with the same aniseed type smell and flavour. It produces feathery type leaves and magnificent pretty yellow flowers in the summer. It adds so much to the flavour of many dishes, particularly fish dishes.

Garlic Chives

The plant is very similar in looks to the regular chive plant but the leaves have the most amazing garlic taste.


Lavender looks and smells amazing and brings a unique flavour to a number of dishes, it can also be used to make tea. However, its main use as a herb is for medicinal purposes.


A very tall plant where every part of the plant is edible from root to tip. The leaves can be finely chopped and added to many dishes, the stems can be steamed and the roots can be braised. 


Mint is a prolific plant and you have to be careful it doesn’t take over all of the herb garden. The leaves are a classic addition to new potatoes, and can be used to make wonderful tasting tea.


A very important addition to many Italian, Greek and Mexican dishes, and can also be used to infuse tea. It can be enjoyed fresh or dried.


Often called false shamrock, it produces deep purple leaves and beautiful white flowers. Its leaves have a very unique and pleasant taste, and its flowers can be used to garnish many dishes.


Typically used in sauces and pesto or as a garnish. It’s a very hardy plant and can be grown through most of the year.


A very fragrant and intense flavour, traditionally used to elevate lamb, chicken and fish dishes.


The leaves have a strong earthy aroma that can be used for both culinary and medicinal purposes.

Salad Burnet

A leafy plant with leaves that taste like cucumbers, bringing a fresh taste to salads.


We grow two different types of sorrel: French sorrel and red veined sorrel. The leaves of the herb are used to make very tasty sauces, mainly to accompany fish dishes due to its distinctive lemon taste.


Aromatic and earthy, the leaves work well with many dishes, particularly Mediterranean dishes.

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