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Family Fruit & Veg Bag

Family Fruit & Veg Bag

During the period of lockdown there has been a huge increase in demand for home delivery. Unsurprisingly we have been inundated with orders. Our aim is to get deliveries to as many people as we can. To help with this aim we have had to streamline the ordering process including limiting the choice available to two types of delivery:

  • Family Fruit & Veg Bag
  • Large Family Fruit & Veg Bag

The Family Fruit and Veg Bag will typically contain:

1Kg Potatoes, ½ Kg Carrots, 1/2Kg Onions, one Leek, one Salad Bag (leaves, tomatoes, cucumber), two other Vegetable, 1/2Kg Apples, 1/2Kg Bananas, one other Fruit.

In some circumstances we may need to change certain produce depending on availability.

Additional Items

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Is everything grown by Hexhamshire Organics?

Our aim is to grow and rear the vast majority of produce ourselves. We have two fields where we grow vegetables, one field where we have an eighty tree orchard and one field where we have our herd of pedigree Tamworth pigs. We also have 50 chickens who produce fantastic eggs. In one of our fields we have 10 polytunnels which gives us 1/4 acre of covered cropping - probably the biggest area of covered cropping of organic vegetables in the region. This allows us to grow crops 12 months of the year. So at this time of the year we can produce seasonal crops such as salad leaves, celery, salad onions, cabbages, cauliflowers and many more. However, even with this amount of covered cropping it is impossible for us, at this time of year, to produce all the fruit and vegetables ourselves, therefore we do buy in some fruit and vegetables such as bananas and tomatoes. Everything we buy in is certified organic.

Is everything Organic?

We have been certified organic by the Soil Association since 2013. Everything included in your bag is certified organic

Is there a Delivery Charge?

We offer organic veg delivery around the North East, with absolutely no delivery charge.

Do I need to be in?

You don’t have to be in when for our local veg box delivery. We understand you have busy schedules and may be at work, so we’ll store your vegetables in a safe place until you are home.

How many bags can I order?

There will be a limit of ONE BAG ordered for each house, we need to do this to make sure we can get a delivery out to all our customers.