Ann's Farm Journal

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Hello Everyone,

And what lovely weather this week. I am not sure if I should get my shorts back out!

The beauty of this weather is, not only the sunrise, sunset and morning mists, but it makes it much easier to work outside when it is bright and warm.

So, outside we have been. The herb garden has had a good tidy. Bob and I are very happy with the herbs. Once again, it is astounding how a tiny seed can be sown and within months a good, compact, clump of sage or thyme, for instance, can be seen and used.

Another seed we planted not three months ago…..the simple carrot. We think the carrots we are harvesting this week are the best we have produced. This maybe due to all the hard work we put into preparing the soil. We do feel that the goodness from our compost is paying off…….thank you pigs and chickens.

For food this evening, we had freshly harvested carrots and they were absolutely yummy……simple carrot….me thinks not!
A new addition to the list from this week we have sourced some local organic butter from Acorn Dairies, good old fashioned butter, it tastes lovely.

A mini update on the pigs…..Bob and I moved all the pigs over the weekend. They are now all in the pond field in one large enclosure. The pigs are certainly not chickens, but there is a new pecking order taking place. We hope they settle, together, soon.