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Amazing Sunsets

Amazing Sunsets

The weather has been gorgeous if you like freezing, icy, frosty days. I actually love days like this, but my oh my, it is sooooo cold on your hands when working. But, we are now in the winter season, we should expect freezing conditions.

All the animals tend to sleep in and stay in their homes on freezing days…..lucky them! But it does make it easier to care for them.
The vegetables are generally ok. Some leaves do freeze and can not be used. Most leaves just flop over but bounce back up when the temperature rises slightly. Bob and I know that all will be well, however, we do worry about each plant. We are also very careful as to when we harvest. We cannot harvest when the crop is tooooo cold.

However, one advantage of the winter months, as you can see from the photo above, is that you do get a lot more amazing sunsets.

We are at Jesmond Food Market on Saturday. This is the first of our Christmas markets. Talking of Christmas…..

Our deliveries over the Christmas period will take place on:

Thursday 19th December
Friday 20th December &
Sunday 22nd of December

We are going to endeavour to complete all deliveries on your normal delivery day. However, as we may have lots and lots of orders to deliver or even 10inches of snow…….we have added on an extra day to account for any issues…..we will email you if this happens to be you.

We have added our Christmas Boxes (for delivery on the dates above) to the website, please do take a look.

As we are expecting to be really really busy, it would help Bob and I if you could have your orders for the festive season to us by Thursday 12th December.

Thank you for all the boxes you all returned last week.

Enjoy this week,