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Apple Juice is now available

Apple Juice is now available

Hi Everyone,

Bob and I have been trying to make time to juice our apples. Hooray! On Sunday we began the juicing. As we have such a lot of apples to turn into our delicious organic apple juice, we expect to juice over a number of days.

A lot of planning does go into juicing. We make sure there are enough bottles with lids. The equipment is cleaned ready for the process. The apple crusher is ready and in place to eat up all the cleaned apples. Then the fruit press is all linked up to the incoming and outgoing watering system and readied for the apple pulp. The table has the bottles and lids lined up to accept the juice. The pasteurisers are plugged in and await the bottles of organic apple juice. And of course – the apples!

Then it is go go go! Once the juicing process begins, it cannot stop till it is all done. One process flows into the next. The result being the tastiest purist organic apple juice. It is on the website now.

The Jesmond Food Market was another lovely day. The day started slowly, but that was more due to the rugby. The weather was very kind to us though and brought lots of people out on the day.

Thank you to Vivien for another recipe. A warming soup made from the Jerusalem Artichokes. Enjoy.

Have a good week,