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Apples, Apples, Apples

Apples, Apples, Apples

Hello Everyone,

It has been a big week…….and it has all been about Apples.

Bob and I have been harvesting the Orchard Apples this week. We are very happy with the crop.

We have a huge amount of perfect looking apples that are ready to eat. I know! They are all to eat, however, we only sell apples to our customers that look perfect.

In addition we also have a huge amount of apples which just have the tiniest blemish,, these are the apples we use to make our lovely apple juice with.

Harvesting apples can actually be a bit dangerous as wasps are attracted to apples – and there were a lot of wasps about. However, thankfully, neither Bob or myself were stung. The wasps are luckily drunk with apple juice so they were quite plastered! Drunk wasps!

We are, once again, making our Organic Orchard Apple Juice. We have made our first batch and bottles of our juice are available from his week.

Making the juice is all about the preparation….

Plant the trees. Wait for a few years. Collect the apples.

Grade the apples. Wash the apples. Pulp the apples.

Juice the pulp. Bottle the juice.

Pasteurise the bottles of Apple Juice.

Label the bottles as Organic Orchard Apple Juice.

Then they can be placed on our ‘bespoke box’ list for all you lovely customers.