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Aztec Brocolli now available!

Aztec Brocolli now available!

Hello all,

Before I go any further just a reminder regarding next weeks delivery – all deliveries will be a day earlier than normal in that week….as our daughter Rebecca is getting married on 13th July. Deliveries will therefore be on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Thank you for returning the boxes to us, reusing is very helpful to us and also to the environment. We are so happy with the huge positive response we are receiving from you all regarding all of our packaging…..

~reusing the boxes.

~no plastic on any of the fruit, vegetables or herbs.

~compostable bags for the fresh leaves.

~recycle the paper.

~compost any waste produce.

We are delighted that you are happy with the compostable bags we have decided to use. One comment we keep hearing is how the bags do keep the leaves really fresh. Pop the bag in the fridge, if the bag is carefully opened, it can be tied again and the bag continues to keep the leaves fresh inside your fridge for many days.

We all need to do a little bit to help this world of ours. Glastonbury helped. Wimbledon is helping. Now we are helping. Well done all of us!

The pork continues to be extremely popular. Our most popular happens to be our sausages. It is now BBQ time and we have produced more sausages along with our latest freezer full of pork cuts and bacon.

The Pond Field is now more than three quarters full of organic vegetables. On Sunday, the peas, mange tout and assorted beans were transplanted into their new home in the Pond Field. There is only space left for the organic Brussel Sprouts. These will be transplanted over the coming days. By the time our wedding weekend arrives, EVERYTHING will have been transplanted out! Hooray!!! Our fields will be completely full!!!

As well as planting out we are also harvesting more and more new vegetables and herbs. From this week we have extra selection available: Shallots, Dill, Basil and a new vegetable to us all……Aztec Brocolli!!!

Aztec Brocolli, picture above, is originally from Mexico where it is know as Huauzontle. In Mexico they batter and fry the florets and serve with cheese. Hwever, we had it last night where we boiled it quickly in water then served it with butter, black pepper and salt – delicious! It has a delicate broccoli flavour with a hint of runner beans and asparagus. They keep their texture after cooking. Tonight we are going to try them sautéed.

Take care,